Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Litspiration Challenge 4 (Theme)

For our Footnote, we have chosen all of our unique aspects of what we will inquire to represent in this Flipbook. First of all, we have the Poppies Page 6 - (“He’d looked out the window where fields of white poppies stretched all the way to the shadowy hills. The whiteness hurt his eyes so he turned from them with the cool darkness inside.”) which represents that Matt needed to escape Opium because when El patron died Mr. Alacran was going to have him killed. 

Further down our aspects for our second one was Factories - (Page 256 “Matt observed through the binoculars, what he saw were a row of factories with black smoke in the air”) because when Matt first arrived at Aztlan the first things he saw were factories and black smoke, and the factories were a big part because it changed his appearance and it made him stronger when the keepers were bullying his friends. 

Thirdly are Sandals - (Page 272 “Matt started working on his sandal”). Because when Matt's first job was to make sandals when he got in from the Farm Patrol, and that is Matt met Chacho and Fidelito fourth symbol that was in our project was Music. There are notes on the piano, it connects to Matt’s musical life back in the big house where Mr. Ortega taught him everything. Also, Matt’s favorite instrument was the piano - Page 91 - (“It wasn’t long before Matt added musical ability to his growing list of accomplishments”)

Ultimately, in our project, we added pills because when Matt first arrived at Aztlan he made pills in the first factory that he stumbled upon - Page 265 - (“Still others measured powder into capsules and counted the finished pills into the bottles.”) Lastly, we added features to the three characters (Maria, Tam Lin, and Celia). Celia has an apron on and a chef's hat because she used to be a chef in the big house, Maria will have black hair because that's how she's been represented in the book. Tam Lin will have a suit and tie on because he is a bodyguard and his actions make him look independent and capable of anything. We chose this idea because we thought it would be ambitious to do a flip book by using photoshop and trying to use our time wisely to get this project done on time.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Harkness Discussion #4

Reflection Questions:
1. We supported the quiet people by asking the questions directly to them and their opinion.
2. We let them say what they had to say and then asked other questions to bring further discussion from other people.
3. The bet part of our discussion was when we were talking about who El Patron uses clones to his own advantages.The time stamp was 4:27.
4. To include the more quiet people and not have so many silent moments. Make the conversation flow better.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Litspiration Challenge #2 - Maria's Intagram account

To have a deeper understanding of characterization we decided to make an Instagram account for one of the most interesting characters in the house of the scorpion. Maria is a round character in the story because she affects multiple people throughout the book, to demonstrate her impact and effect on the other characters we have some initials of the people that Maria has value for or that has had an important relationship with, in the bio of her Instagram.

  • The two first things in her bio are her dad and a dedication to furball, "she'd lost her mother when she was only five, ever since Maria had hung on things"p.111 This is why she cares a lot about her dad and furball and keeps them in her heart.
  • Then she has Matt's initials, since the first time they met Maria was kind to him "Hey boy, what's your name? do you want to play?"p.15  she helped him whenever she could through every chapter, even if he's a clone she still supports him. Even though they have had issues and problems affect their friendship they have a strong relationship and like each other "The senator didn't know that Maria had kissed Matt on several occasions"p.110 Matt wouldn't be the same without Maria and she wouldn't be herself without him. 
  • On her bio, she also has the name, Tommy with a heart beside it. Tom plays an essential role in Maria's life. He also really likes Maria and hangs out with her all the time. “Maria was holding hands with Tom entering the funeral” - p.152 He tries to keep her away from Matt who Tom is convincing her that he's a dirty inhuman eejit clone. "It's not a boy, It's a clone"- p.120 
  • Lastly, we have Emilia, which is her sister. Maria doesn't get along with her but she is still family to her so it's valuable. "Maria told Matt about how she struggled not to lose her temper at Emilia”- p.152
In her Instagram account, we have posted 4 posts that represent her character and her situations in the book.
Instagram caption- "Getting away from all the problems at the Big House, glad to be gone after the incident" 😢😖
On page 131 in chapter called the Lotus Pond. Maria finds the note Matt left and sends everyone out looking for the dog, but Maria is just waiting outside in front of the poppy field.  Here is what she says:  “Maria found the note and sent everyone out hunting for the dog” We chose this picture because maybe Maria wanted some fresh air after the incident of Matt killing the dog.
Instagram caption- ❤️RIP Furball you were an amazing dog and ur death wasn't fair but you would always stay in my heart
For evidence we found that Senator Mendoza said to Matt in the chapter called Lotus Pond and page 133, he said “How can you possibly apologize for killing her dog?!” We chose this picture because it was a big part of Maria’s life, and it did create some foes along the way.

Instagram caption- 💚"Remembering the good times, the hard times and the fun times. Knowing you are not the beast I thought you were. You made me realize that I want to have more of these moments with you”😭

In page 154-155 in the chapter “A starved Bird” El Viejo dies and there is a funeral and Matt and Maria ditch the scene and they finally reunite. “Matt was all alone with Maria while being pulled through the halls” We chose this picture because now we know that Maria and Matt are still friends, and that she is happy with him. This is happened because it must mean they are going to do something big in the future of the book.
Instagram caption- "This is my favorite book, brother wolf I'll miss you"
On page 154 in chapter called the A starved bird. When Saint Francis is saying how Matt shouldn't be here because he hasn't been baptized and that he is a clone. And Maria stands behind Matt and quotes a line from Saint Francis book, saying “Saint Francis would take a dog into a church”. She said this because everyone thinks of Matt like a dog, and in Saint Francis’s book he said he would take a dog into a church himself.  We chose this picture because Maria has been baptized and she loves god, and Pope Francis. It can also tell us that Maria knows how to read and if fairly smart.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Harkness Discussion - Middle Ages - The Scorpion Project

1. How did we support quieter people during the discussion?
We would also try to direct the questions to the quieter people by slightly changing the discussion topic.2. How did we support the more talkative people in the group?
We would try to direct the questions to other people.3. What is the timestamp of our best moment of discussion, and why?
0:38 because we delved really deep and talked about the main topic: Eejits4. What is our main goal for our next discussion?
To make the discussion a bit shorter

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Litspiration Challange #1 - Opium Setting Brochure

We created a brochure to give a detailed idea and background information about the country of Opium to any visitor or interested person in this place.


Hamilton by Laura Cepeda